Improving Your Quality of Life

and Promoting Wellness

Serving Adults, Adolescents, Children, & Families
Offering Individual Counseling & Group Therapy


Individual, Couples,
and Family Therapy

Providing effective, solution-focused, systemic treatment for the emotional, behavioral, and relational struggles in life. This is what sets our practice apart. Most clients report wishing they had started at CDH sooner.


In our daily lives, we have to confront some situations like globalization, socio-economical crisis, political changes and technology influences that may affect the way we think, feel and behave. At some point in our lives, we may find ourselves facing difficulties, conflicts, crisis and problems. Right at that point is where psychological intervention might help us to discover or create new strategies to face those situations and to have a more enjoyable life. Be who we want to be. Discover ourselves and improve our well being.

Our psychological services are:

  • Individual, Couple, Domicile, Family counseling
  • Emergency consultancy
  • Group session
  • Psychological assessment for school purposes
  • Psychological assessment for recruitment process
  • Psychological assessments for WAB (weapon permit)
  • Workshops
  • Organization of seminars, courses and trainings


We are committed to give supplementary training, lessons, guidance and assistance to school children and adults using effective pedagogy to stimulate them to understand the subject or lesson given by their teacher. We design and use learning activities (didactical forms) that are directly aligned with the objectives that the student must reach. We stimulate and reinforce the student to make connections between the learning activities and the learning objectives.

Our pedagogical/didactical services are:

  • Guidance and assistance with homework and school projects.
  • Supplementary training or private lessons for elementary school and high school children.
  • Consultancy/coaching for school teachers.
  • Dutch and Spanish language lessons to adults.

Hypnotherapy and Relaxation

Hypnosis is a mental state that at first glance may resemble sleep but in which the individual presents states of concentration and focus on specific ideas much more acute than in its conscious state.

The hypnotherapist is responsible for inducing this state called hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. By accessing the subconscious mind of the individual it is possible to replace emotions linked to non-beneficial or non-pleasant experiences with a more beneficial and pleasant experiences.

According to American Health Magazine, hypnotherapy has an efficiency of 93% in 6 sessions.


Your Development is Our Mission!

Development Programs

Courses & Presentation Tailored Training and Coaching


Centro di Desaroyo Humano will offer in the future different courses on psychology, pedagogy, didactic and management for a different target groups. Courses designed and developed by and for professionals to improve and master the capability, capacity and productivity of the professional.


Centro di Desaroyo Humano offers presentations in form of demonstrations, lectures or interactive presentations to a group of people. The presentations held by professionals working for or with Centro di Desaroyo Humano are commit to reach proposed goals. Centro di Desaroyo Humano has standard presentation for a wide variety of professionals that can be used in a seminar, but we have tailored presentation to meet the needs of an organization. The time and intensity of a presentation depends on the content of the presentation.

Standard Presentation and Seminar

The content of the standard presentations are fixed and the organization can ask for more information about the duration, intensity, proposed goals and the target group of the presentation. The organization can also receive a written preview of the presentation. Centro di Desaroyo Humano develops these presentations making the proper investigations to be effective on the target groups. Most of our presentation can be used in a seminar.

Tailored presentation

The content of the tailored presentations are developed to meet the needs of the organization. On the basis of a meeting with the organization, Centro di Desaroyo Humano will make afterwards its proper investigations and studies to develop the presentation. Then the organization will receive a written preview, the duration, intensity, proposed goals and the target group of the presentation.

Tailored Training and Coaching

Centro di Desaroyo Humano offers tailored training and coaching on practical skills and knowledge related to generic competencies to improve and master the capability, capacity and productivity of the staff. The content of the training is developed on the company needs and is led by professionals to reach the proposed objective of the organization. The organization will receive a written preview, the duration, intensity, proposed goals and the target group of the tailored training and coaching.