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Centro di Desaroyo Humano is a private enterprise that earn its profit by giving psychological and educational services to the local and international community. The human being on a daily basis has to confront globalization, socio-economical crisis, political changes and technology influences that affect the mental health, well-being, performance and productivity. Therefore they recur progressively to consulting services, educational services and psychological interventions to mitigate or eliminate negative influences on the mental health, human well-being and performance or business productivity.

For our organization is very important to maintain a high level of compromise with our clients, a high quality in our services, an outstanding level of professionalism in all our interactions with the local and international market, furthermore is our commitment to manage with a high sense of responsibility and confidentiality our analysis, diagnostics, educational, developmental and psychological interventions.

Our company render its services to individuals, families, groups, organizations and the public. The different fields in which our company provides its services are as follows, but not limited to:
Clinical and health psychology, organizational and industrial psychology, educational and developmental psychology, social psychology and sport psychology. Project management services, pedagogical and didactical consultancy, development and organization of courses, training programs, workshops and seminars.
Our clients are children, adolescents, adults and elderly that are attended as individuals, families, groups, companies and institutions in a clinical, educational, social and organizational level.

Our Mission

To provide a mental health and general development services promoting the well-being and constant development of the Aruban Cummunity, the Caribbean and the South America,with a high level of compromise, quality, professionalism, responsibility and confidentiality in our analysis, diagnostics, educational,developmental and psychological interventions.

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